We take our knowledge and experience to customise programs for corporate clients looking to help take their team to the next level. We are often asked to create programs that help improve culture, support organisational change and help teams develop more cohesion, thus get better results.

Our team will work with you to really understand your objectives, your people, your culture and create customised programs that deliver on your desired outcomes.

We have a breadth of experience and can build a plan for your team to support your corporate goals. We can deliver programs or workshops in person or online and our experienced facilitators are gifted at delivering specific and practical content in an engaging way that gets results.

Here are some recent partnered projects with our VIP business clients:
  • Remote leadership and remote working workshops
  • Leaning into difficult conversations workshops
  • Coaching for performance – micro to empowered workshops
  • Internal mentoring programs – co-developed and co-facilitated
  • Internal leadership programs – new and existing leaders
  • Leading change and crisis leadership workshops
  • Leadership conferences – MC and facilitated

Take a look at our client case studies below to evaluate if we can have impact on your team.

Looking to invest in a smaller group of people, or perhaps different outcomes for different people? Take a look at our many Leadership Programs, where you can upskill individuals with specific development requirements.

Either way get in touch and we can discuss what you are looking for, whether it’s something off the shelf or something tailored for your people. We know your time is valuable, therefore we find it’s best to chat about what you’re looking for, to see how we can help.

Case Studies

Here’s what they had to say about us:

We partnered with Suzy Miller to deliver our LIFT Mentoring Program in 2020 and it has been a great success!  With Suzy’s help we were able to deliver a program that suited our requirements and we were able to adapt and successfully deliver a virtual program at a time of not only great uncertainty but also great need for our team.  Thank you Suzy, it has been a pleasure working with such a like-minded partner and we look forward to working together again.

Louise Hayes

Head of Talent Pacific Smiles Group

Pacific Smiles Group - Dental Industry

There’s nothing more satisfying than partnering with organisations you really align with. Working with people who have purpose and passion to make a difference in their teams, who are willing to adjust and adapt rapidly. Pacific Smiles Group brought all of that and more to the table and the outcome spoke for itself.

In late 2019, we met about the development and implementation of a new bespoke Mentoring Program. They were driven to help increase leadership development and coaching capabilities in house and at various levels of the organisation. In turn, supporting the development of future leaders to improve the team and individual performance and satisfaction.

Our role was to set up a structured program that would enable the organisation to develop coaching and leadership skills in management personnel as they took on the role of mentoring other staff members seeking career growth and improved role performance. We provided coaching and leadership training on how to be an effective and supportive mentor, as well as working with the mentees on effective goal setting to get the most out of the program.

We had planned to bring the team in from all over Australia for workshops and launch. COVID-19 had other ideas! We met again in early March 2020 and talked about Plan B should we need it. What could it look like? How would it work? How could we still deliver quality outcomes, but do it differently and safely? Online was the answer!

Over 9 weeks we developed a group of Mentors, senior leaders with a passion to give and learn. We used a mix of video-based learning modules, downloadable tools and online live group coaching calls to embed the learning.

Together we created 24 power free mentor-mentee partnerships that lifted the teams through that tough time of change and prepared them to lead themselves and others into the future.

Was it successful – IT SURE WAS!

Reported outcomes of the Mentors and Mentees in the program:

  • 100% of Mentors said they would volunteer to Mentor again
  • 92% of Mentees and Mentors believed the program has benefited their professional development
  • 92% said the program was great and would recommend it to others
  • 80% of Mentees strongly agreed that they achieved the development goals they set for themselves
Healthecare - Private Hospital Group

We had worked alongside this dedicated team of health professionals prior to COVID-19. When the pandemic hit, the health care industry adapted quickly in a high-pressure environment, with leaders communicating and implementing rapid changes to procedures, aimed at keeping their patients, staff and the community safe. CEO Matt Kelly and the Director of Clinical Services Jen McNamara, reached out to us to develop a leadership program for the team.

Together we developed an Agile Leader program, delivering a range of Online Modules covering the skills their leaders needed right then.

  • Leading Yourself with a Growth Mindset
  • Leading Change
  • Leadership Styles and Managing Priorities

These staggered online learning modules were paired with live online group coaching sessions. The online delivery was a great solution and enabled leaders from multiple sites to dial in, also providing convenient access for shift workers to complete the modules at a time that suited them.

The feedback and outcomes from the program participants were outstanding. They enjoyed the flexibility of the online modules, which they could go back and re-watch over the course of the program. To embed the learning, in the live online groups coaching sessions, we used smaller break-out groups to enable the Leaders from the various hospitals to connect, share learnings and support and encourage each other. This connection with other leaders at during that time was invaluable.

The reported outcomes from the Leaders in the program:

  • Increased ability to clearly document goals and then follow through on them
  • Increased awareness of themselves and their leadership style allowing them to utilise their strengths and seek support for more challenging aspects
  • Working hard to maintain mindset “above the line” and reflecting on when they go below the line, ensuring to not stay there. The team are supporting each other with this
  • Changing the language they use when communicating with their teams
Here’s what they had to say about us:

“We have been working with Suzy Miller since 2018, in this time we’ve engaged with her to perform both group seminars and individual Executive Coaching sessions. Suzy partnered with us to develop several bespoke programs specifically targeted to the needs of the Leadership team and individuals. Suzy is a knowledgeable and passionate presenter which guarantees engagement of the attendees. Suzy takes the time to understand our work environment, culture and values, and incorporates this into the sessions making them relevant to the individual and organisation. Suzy is always our first choice in leadership education at Healthecare and Gosford Private Hospital.”

Matthew Kelly

CEO Healthcare Group Central Coast

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