• Grow your confidence and self-awareness
  • Learn to push yourself forward
  • Become more confident with networking
  • Learn to sell yourself and what you do
  • Improve your productivity
  • Feel supported by your mentor or coach


This Online Women’s Leadership Development Program targets professional women with leadership aspirations as Participants. We pair them with Mentors who are existing senior leaders, both men and women, who are looking to hone their Mentoring and Coaching Skills. It leverages thousands of hours of leadership training and executive coaching as well as current research findings to deliver a unique learning opportunity: a blend of online workshops and power free mentor partnerships.

A new way forward in learning ...

We focus on experiential learning embedded by regular virtual one on one mentor interaction and tap into the vast experience of our program participants to ensure our content remains topical, current and regionally focused.

Mentoring partnerships focus on opportunities to develop and our unique and inclusive learning environment creates adaptable and effective future leaders.

Fast-tracked skill development …

We provide you the real-world skills and tools you need to succeed in leadership roles from small and medium businesses to multi nationals. You benefit from over 4 months of immersed learning that incorporates both self-lead education practices and online guided workshops. We surround you with leaders and professionals from the nationwide business community who understand the challenges you face and can work with you to navigate them.

Results focused …

Our program is proven to be effective with both the public and private sectors and within varied organisation sizes and industries.

You’ll draw on your own current, real life examples therefore applying what you learn in real time, to make an immediate impact on leadership challenges in your workplace.




Aimed at professional women looking to move into a leadership role or take their current leadership role to the next level. You’ll learn essential skills and awareness that will assist you in becoming an inspiring, authentic and confident leader.


  • 4 x Online Live Group sessions
  • 7 x Self-paced online learning modules
  • 6 x Mentoring Sessions with your Mentor
  • Comprehensive program handbook
  • D.I.S.C leadership report
  • Admission to our Alumni community


  • Your Mentor will be specially matched to meet your needs


4 months


One payment of $3365 (save $663)
Four payments of $1007
(includes GST and processing fees)



Perfect for established business, community or senior leaders looking to challenge themselves and grow their leadership skills. You’ll learn skills that are transferable in your role as a senior leader and benefit from your own executive coaching sessions. You’ll be empowering an emerging professional and building your network.


  • 2 x Online Training Modules in Mentoring & Coaching
  • 1 x Live program overview and coaching skills practice
  • 6 x Mentoring Sessions with your Participant
  • 7 x Self-paced online learning modules
  • Comprehensive program handbook
  • D.I.S.C leadership report
  • 1 x Individual Executive coaching session
  • 2 x Group coaching sessions with Mentor community
  • Admission to our Alumni community


4 Months


One payment of $1346 (save $266)
Four payments of $403
(includes GST and processing fees)

program content

Over the 4 month period we cover the following modules:

Goal Setting

We show you how to set effective professional goals and how to create the mindset and motivation to achieve them.

Self Awareness​

We help you understand the results of your D.I.S.C report to achieve a better sense of self. You will also learn how to use your strengths, work on your opportunities and utilise the knowledge of this process for more effective communication with those around you.  

Personal Branding​

Understanding the uniqueness of you and how to best use it or how to improve it.

Know Your Value​

Learn how to better communicate what you bring to the table with more confidence. Remove the discomfort around performance conversations by being prepared with our 5 step process.


How to build a bigger group of contacts and what is the key to success in this ‘new normal’.

Emotional Intelligence

Understand the power of EQ and how it relates to your working relationships and career outcomes. We unpack these skills that are essential to increasing your awareness and agility as an effective leader.

Managing Priorities

How to be more focused and productive on a daily and weekly basis. Learn how to manage a diverse range of priorities, how to delegate and how to communicate them to others across the organisation.

Career Planning

We help you understand how to unlock pathways you previously thought were unattainable. We support you to in build a plan that takes advantage of the internal and external opportunities available to you.


You’ll also learn the power of Self-Reflection and Evaluation


Looking to join our program wait list or want more info

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